Coherence [ILLC @ UvA, June 2014]

Time & Place

Branden Fitelson

ILLC Seminar Room F1.15
Class Schedule


This seminar will present a general framework for grounding (formal, synchronic) epistemic coherence requirements. The framework will be applied to three types of judgment: full belief, comparative confidence, and numerical confidence (viz., credence).

Lecture Notes & Readings

The lecture notes for the three introductory lectures will be self-contained. They will be based on a draft book manuscript written by the instructor. The manuscript will be the main required reading for the seminar. All readings for the course will be made available in electronic format on this page (see below). I don't expect people to study all the optional background readings (but I recommend them all highly).

Lecture Notes & Audio Recordings for the Three Introductory Lectures

Required Reading

Optional Background Readings On Numerical Credence (Lecture #1)

Optional Background Readings on Full Belief (Lecture #2)

Optional Background Readings on Comparative Confidence (Lecture #3)