Plenary (invited) talks and Slot 1 contributed talks take place in A 703, and Slot 2 contributed talks take place in A 702. [Note that we are allowing 75mins for plenary sessions and 45mins for parallel sessions — this includes questions/discussion.]

See the campus map for the location of building A.

Thursday, September 2, 2010: FE Meets Traditional Epistemology

10:00-11:15: Elke Brendel (Bonn): Tutorial


Slot 1: Grant Reaber (Aberdeen): Probabilistic Notions of Deference [slides]

Slot 2: Trent Doughtery: Dealing with Disagreement from the First Person Perspective: A Probabilistic Approach [slides]

12:15-13:45: Lunch


Slot 1: Paul Thorn (DŸsseldorf): Cognitivist Probabilism

Slot 2: Joel Pust (Delaware): Conditionalization and Knowledge De Praesenti


Slot 1: Julia Staffel (USC): Two Ways of Measuring Degrees of Incoherence

Slot 2: Patrick Allo (Brussels): Interactive Models of Closure and Introspection [slides]


Slot 1: Corina Strößner (SaarbrŸcken): Justification and Normality

Slot 2: Julien Dutant (Genve): Methods-Based Models for Belief and Knowledge

17:00-18:15: Hartry Field (NYU) : How, If At All, Can We Rationally Revise Our Inductive Methods?

20:00: Dinner

Friday, September 3, 2010: FE Meets Philosophy of Science

10:00-11:45 : Tutorial(s)

Jeanne Peijnenburg (Groningen) : Turtles all the way down: infinite regresses in epistemology

David Atkinson (Groningen) : Potential versus actual infinity: Zeno balls and the conservation of energy


Slot 1: Nick Beckstead (Rutgers): Aumann, Evidence, and the Everettian Epistemic Problem

Slot 2: Remco Heesen (LSE) and Jan Sprenger (Tilburg): The Bounded Strength of Weak Expectations [slides]

12:45-13:45: Lunch


Slot 1: Gregor Betz (Stuttgart): The Veritistic Value of Controversial Argumentation

Slot 2: Holger Andreas (LMU Munich): A Structuralist Theory of Belief Revision


Slot 1: Michael Titelbaum (Madison): Not Enough There There. Evidence, Reasons, and Language Independence [slides]

Slot 2: Simone Duca and Hannes Leitgeb (Bristol): How Serious Is the Paradox of Serious Possibility?


Slot 1: Gerhard Schurz (DŸsseldorf): The Meta-Inductivist Solution to the Problem of Induction: A Connection between Prediction Theory and Social Epistemology

Slot 2: Jonah Schupbach (Pitt) and Jan Sprenger (Tilburg): The Logic of Explanatory Power

17:00-18:15: Peter Milne (Stirling) : Measuring Confirmation

20:00: Dinner

Saturday, September 4, 2010: Ernest W. Adams Memorial - FE Meets Logic and Philosophy of Language

10:00-11:15: Hannes Leitgeb (Bristol): Tutorial


Slot 1: Matthew Benton (Rutgers): ŌMightÕ Counterfactuals, Thickened Semantics, and Agglomeration

Slot 2: Charles Chihara (Berkeley): Dilemmas and Models

12:15-13:45: Lunch


Slot 1: Peter Vranas (UW–Madison): New Foundations for Imperative Logic III: A General Definition of Argument Validity [slides]

Slot 2: Horacio Arló-Costa and Arthur Paul Pedersen (CMU): Indicative Conditionals, Obligation and Decision Theoretic Conditionals


Slot 1: Rachael Briggs (Sydney): Interventionist Counterfactuals

Slot 2: Jeffrey Helzner (Columbia): Rationalizing Two-Tiered Choice Functions through Conditional Choice

16:00-17:15: Vann McGee (MIT) : The Adams Two-Switch Example

17:30-18:45: Dorothy Edgington (Birkbeck) : Adams' Puzzle about Counterfactuals [handout]

20:00: Dinner