Travel Information:


From Airport Zurich to Konstanz Main Station:


The closest international airport to Konstanz is in Zurich. The best way to get from Zurich Airport to Konstanz is by train. There is one direct train from the airport to Konstanz Main Station every hour leaving at 48 minutes past.


From Konstanz Main Station to the University Campus:


There is a regular bus service from the main station to the campus. You can either take bus number 9A or 9B.


Map of the Campus:


Local Taxi Services:


Dornheim Taxi:           ++49 - (0) - 75 31 - 6 77 77

                                    ++49 - (0) - 75 31 - 5 77 77

Haberbosch:             ++49 - (0) - 75 31 - 4 48 00

                                    ++49 - (0) - 75 31 - 4 40 06

Taxi Mueller:   ++49 - (0) - 75 31 - 6 53 00

Taxivereinigung:        ++49 - (0) - 75 31 - 2 22 22







We urge you to book as early as possible since Konstanz is a very popular holiday location in the summer. When booking you should mention that you are participating in the FEW as university guests are eligible for a discount of 10%. The following hotels are located close to the main station in the historic city center.





Information on the City of Konstanz:


Downtown Konstanz:


If you like marine creatures you might want to visit the Sealife Center:


There are numerous places to go swimming in Konstanz. The local population usually goes for a swim at the Hšrnle. If you are afraid of cold water or would like some more luxury you can visit the Bodenseetherme, where you find various swimming pools, saunas and other wellness facilities. You reach both by taking bus number 5 from the station MarktstŠtte just on the other side of the road of the main station.


Near Konstanz:


On the other side of Lake Constance there is the beautiful small town Meersburg with many medieval houses and a small castle which is worth a trip. You can go there by ferry. Take bus number 1 from the main station to the station Staad, from where you can take the ferry to Meersburg.


If you are interested in butterflies and flowers you should visit Mainau island. You get there by taking bus number 4 from the main station to the station Mainau.