FEW 2008 Information and Links Page

All sessions will take place in the Pyle Center.

We now have the contracts at hand for the three hotels at which we have reserved blocks of rooms. Because the workshop overlaps with the local graduation weekend, it is important to make hotel reservations early. Blocks of 25 rooms have been reserved for workshop attendees at the following three hotels (75 rooms total):

For graduate students: a block of 15 dormitory rooms has been reserved at $35 per night, or $24 per person per night if two people share a room (Short Course Dorms, Humphrey & Jorns Halls, http://www.cals.wisc.edu/students/housing/index.html). These will be held right until the dates of the workshop, and more rooms are available if the need arises. To reserve a room, email dorms@cals.wisc.edu or call 608-262-2270 and press 0 when voice mail begins.

For more information about Madison, see the following links: