I suggest that participants in the tutorial read the following survey article:

Hilary Greaves. Probability in the Everett interpretation.

For those who want to go into more depth, the following reading list may prove
useful. *** = Strongly recommended qua preparation for the tutorials I'll be
offering; ** = recommended if time permits; * = optional extra. Of the articles
that participants plan to read, I suggest they read them in the order listed.

*Wayne Myrvold. Why I am not an Everettian.

**David Wallace. Epistemology Quantized: circumstances in which we should come
to believe in the Everett interpretation

***Hilary Greaves. On the Everettian epistemic problem.

**David Wallace. Three kinds of branching universe.

*David Wallace. Quantum probability from subjective likelihood: Improving
on Deutsch’s proof of the probability rule

*David Wallace. Language use in a branching universe.

**Huw Price. Decisions, decisions, decisions: can Savage salvage Everettian