Fundamentals of Bayesian Epistemology

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Time & Place

Branden Fitelson
Office: Gateway Building, Room 513
Hours: Thursdays 12–2pm



All readings for the course will be provided on this webpage. I will use a variety of sources, which will be made freely available here. Some of these will be static documents (in HTML or PDF format), and some will be more interactive documents with exercises, etc. I will also supplement the online texts with my own handouts. You will need Acrobat Reader to read the PDF files on this website.

The required readings will all be drawn from a textbook-in-progress (Fundamentals of Bayesian Epistemology), which is being written by Mike Titelbaum.

I will also be posting some optional/background readings for each of the chapters of the text. In general, the schedule will evolve as the semester unfolds. Because this is the first time the textbook is being used, we'll see how long it takes us to get through the material. Stay tuned...


You should come to class with (at least) two questions regarding the readings (at least one philosophical question and at least one formal/technical question). And, you should always be prepared to discuss the readings in class. Your participation in class will be worth 10% of your final grade.


Every other week (on Thursday, beginning on 9/4), I will assign a homework which you will have two weeks to complete. The assignments will, generally, be drawn from the text. Here is a schedule of those assignments. The homeworks will be worth 40% of your final grade. No late homeworks will be accepted (except in very rare circumstances), but we will drop your lowest HW score. Here is a schedule of the HWs. Stay tuned — this will evolve as the semester unfolds.

Mid-Term Exam

The mid-term exam will be held in-class on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. The mid-term will be worth 25% of your final grade. Here is a practice mid-term (10/16). And, here are the solutions to the practice mid-term.

Final Exam

The final exam will be held (in the usual class location: FH–B1) on Monday, December 22, 2014 from 12–3 PM. The final will be worth 25% of your final grade. Here is a practice final exam (12/09).