Philosophy 57 — Section 5

Roster (Add List: 1/28/03)

The following people will be allowed to add section 5 (3:00–4:15 TR @ BBC 323) of PHIL 57. If you are already registered for this section, then, of course, you are also on the official class roster for this section. Due to space limitations, I was only able to add 12 (out of over 25!) people to this section. Please email me for an add code if (and only if!) your name is on this list or the section 3 list.

  1. Abebech Kebede
  2. Nick Segal
  3. Christina Baker
  4. Vijay Kamath
  5. Griselda Ramos
  6. Jason Fureby
  7. Chun-I Han
  8. Andrew Palma
  9. Carol Hsia
  10. Helen Kim
  11. Maria Solorzano
  12. Michelle Nguyen-Huu