2:15-3:30 pm TR @ Building 200, room 303 (***NEW LOCATION AS OF 10/2***)

Branden Fitelson

fitelson@facstaff.wisc.edu (or fitelson@stanford.edu ) --> This is the best way to contact me <--

Building 90, room 92H

2-6pm W, 4-6 pm R, and by appointment. I urge people to come talk with me individually about anything that pertains to the course.

We will (try to!) cover several key issues surrounding each of the following three branches of 20th and 21st century analytical philosophy of science: (1) confirmation theory, (2) scientific explanation, and (3) scientific realism. We may only have enough time to delve into topics (1) and (2) in any depth. Details about what we'll be reading (and writing!) are, of course, contained in the subsequent pages of this website. Basically, our aim will be to engage in careful, critical analysis of several seminal articles and book chapters. Students will be required to prepare three short, analytical essays (one of which will be a take-home final examination).

In addition to this website, I will also be using our class email list (phil164-students@lists.stanford.edu) to disseminate information pertaining to the course. Please check your (Stanford) email regularly! Students may not post messages to this list. But, I do encourage students to communicate via email. Students who wish to include their email addresses on this website should send me an email. I will post submitted email addresses on the class roster page. I have also set-up a (usenet) class discussion group. The course discussion group -- su.class.phil164 -- is available through usenet. Click here for instructions on how to read Stanford usenet groups. I will post copies of all of my email announcements to our newsgroup. And, I encourage people to post questions, comments, etc. of their own (please post only material directly pertaining to the course, and try to keep your posts as economical as possible). This is a good way to communicate, and to record various issues as they arise during the course. Of course, use of the newsgroup is not mandatory, but it can be fruitful. I will check the class discussion group often, and post messages as appropriate.